Raise money for your fundraising project. Help the environment by reducing landfill waste while promoting the 3 R's, especially Re-use. Support affordable second-hand clothing markets in North America & abroad.

Bag2School (B2S) was founded in the UK and has been in operation since 2001. Over $30,000,000 has been paid out to more than 50,000 schools across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Holland, Canada and the USA. B2S is not a charity, however if you prefer, the payment can be made directly to a charity or organization of your choosing. Bag2School in North America is a family company committed to excellent customer service and giving schools fair rates for used clothing.


There were several things we liked about this fundraiser:
1. It is eco-friendly and fits with our school philosophy to be more GREEN.
2. All (parents) had to do was donate clothing and other textiles that were of no use to them anymore.
3. It is a win-win situation for all of us. We clean out our closets and everybody benefits.

Montclair Public School

This is the best fundraiser that can be done. It is a fantastic environmental initiative in that we reuse resources at the same time as we are giving back to the community. B2S is incredible accommodating and does all of the work. A brilliant way to fundraise that makes everyone happy.

Northlake Woods Public School

We gathered 2.36 tons and it almost didn’t fit in the truck! We were able to make some extra money to support our Clean Water Project in Africa. A huge success.

Conestogo Public School


Why Get Involved?
Raise Money for your fundraising project. Help the environment by reducing landfill waste while promoting the 3 R's – Reduce, Re-use, Recycle – in the classroom. Help support affordable second-hand clothing markets, in both North America and abroad

How much does it cost the school to set up a collection? 
Absolutely nothing. We provide all the support to organize the collection FREE of charge.

What can be included in the collection?
Any clean clothing in reasonable condition, shoes (tied together, please), belts, purses, handbags and other soft bags.  

How much does the school get paid?
We always pay the maximum amount possible based on global market prices for used textiles.  Please contact us to find out the current rate.  

How does Bag2School help the environment?
Contributing clothing to B2S directly reduces the volume of textiles sent to landfill sites. In most western countries, 6-12% of landfill waste is made up of discarded textiles. Instead of being thrown into landfills as garbage, quality textiles can be re-used as affordable second-hand clothing both in North America and overseas. Any items deemed unsuitable for resale will be taken to textile recycling facilities where they will be broken down and remade into useful materials, such as fleece jumpers and even US dollar bills.

Giving Back

Bag2School has joined the battle to save lives and provide education in poor fishing villages in Kenya, by working with the registered charity The Funzi and Bodo Trust. Since forming a partnership with the Trust in 2009, Bag2School has donated over $60,000 – and counting – towards rebuilding the Funzi School. The new resource centre within the school has 21 new computers, where students can learn the skills needed to succeed in the job market. A free introductory course for adults is also provided. The Trust has also opened 2 medical clinics, runs water and road ambulances, funds operations and offers health education. It has also opened a library on the island in its efforts to improve literacy and break the cycle of poverty experienced by most families in the villages. You can see more of The Funzi and Bodo Trust's work in the video on the left. To find out more about this worthy charity, please visit www.funzi.org.uk.